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We combine analytical expertise with a deep understanding of community-based services to help public benefit organizations work smarter and demonstrate impact.

How We Can Help

Areas of expertise

Strategic advice

Strategic advice

From small projects to multi-year data strategies, planning the next steps in your data journey is always easier with an expert hand. We help turn your data aspirations into refined goals while anticipating the opportunities and challenges that you might encounter along the way.

Unleash your data

Unlocking data from information systems

Do you spend too much time on data entry yet struggle to access the data that you need most? We liberate data from client management systems, CRM, HR, and accounting systems and help you to surface information that supports meaningful decision-making.

Build once, then automate

Automating workflows

Traditional reporting workflows can read like a shampoo bottle: copy, paste, repeat. We automate repetitive tasks so that you can spend less time reconstructing the same old reports and more time interpreting them.


We start by developing a strong understanding of your mission, your operational realities, and the questions that you want answered. We then apply statistical methods that uncover relationships, recognize patterns, and identify clusters to help you find deeper meaning in your data.

A picture is worth...


Data can only take you as far as the stories you tell with them. In fact, a good visual can often reveal more than the most sophisticated statistical model. We build interactive dashboards and clean visualizations that enable you to interpret and communicate information effectively.

How we work

We offer different service levels to meet your needs

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Express services:
  • map-making
  • data cleansing
  • simple analyses
  • automating common tasks
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Data tools:*
  • dashboards
  • notification systems
  • implementation services
  • training
* Currently in development
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Custom work:
  • data strategy development
  • advisory services
  • exploratory analysis & research
  • bespoke products

Hello from our team

Daniel Liadsky

Daniel Liadsky


Daniel formerly held front-line and management roles in Toronto's community services sector where he repeatedly couldn't resist organizing and automating his organizations' data and workflows. He holds a Master of Spatial Analysis from Ryerson University.

Peter Halsall

Peter Halsall


Peter is an award-winning engineer and entrepreneur. He leads a philanthropic foundation with his wife, Barbara, and previously served as the Executive Director at the Canadian Urban Institue and led the growth of an employee-owned national company with offices across Canada.

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Purpose Analytics is a social enterprise incubated at the Canadian Urban Institute (CUI), a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to achieving healthy urban development.

Established in 1990, CUI carries out research to help communities identify needs and opportunities, develops practical solutions to issues confronting communities, and engage directly with stakeholders through community consultations and events on urban policy issues. CUI believes that a high-performing social and non-profit sector is integral to supporting healthy communities.


Parkdale Activity-Recreation Centre
Reconnect Community Health Services
West Neighbourhood House
WoodGreen Community Services

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